There are dozens of locations to access the French Broad Paddle Trail legally and safely. Our public river access points vary in size, shape, style, and management, but all exist to connect people with the river. Some are solely points of ingress and egress for paddlers and anglers, while others are extensive river parks complete with greenways, restrooms, and other amenities. This list organizes public river access points by county, river mile, name, and management, however our web and print maps contain additional details, including specific location, type of access, existence of parking and restrooms, photos, etc. For more information on specific access points, feel free to contact us or reach out to the respective land manager.



  • Mile 1: Champion Park (Town of Rosman)
  • Mile 4: Lyons Mountain River Access (NCDOT)
  • Mile 11.5: Island Ford River Access (Transylvania County)
  • Mile 15: Morrow Landing - NOT OPEN YET (Conserving Carolina)
  • Mile 21.5: Hap Simpson Park (City of Brevard)
  • Mile 26.5: Pisgah Forest River Access (City of Brevard)
  • Mile 28: Everett Road River Access - NOT OPEN YET (Conserving Carolina)
  • Mile 32: Penrose Boating Access Area (NC Wildlife Resources Commission)


  • Mile 35: Blantyre Park (Henderson County)
  • Mile 41.5: Horse Shoe Boating Access Area (Henderson County)
  • Mile 52.5: Westfeldt Park (Henderson County)


  • Mile 55: Glen Bridge River Park (Buncombe County)
  • Mile 56: Corcoran Paige River Park (Buncombe County)
  • Mile 61: Bent Creek River Park (Buncombe County)
  • Mile 67: Hominy Creek River Park (Buncombe County)
  • Mile 69: Amboy Riverfront Park (City of Asheville)
  • Mile 71: Jean Webb Park (City of Asheville)
  • Mile 71: River Arts District Steps (City of Asheville)
  • Mile 71: Craven Street Bridge Boating Access Area (City of Asheville)
  • Mile 72.5: Pearson Bridge River Access (City of Asheville)
  • Mile 74: Silver-Line Park (Town of Woodfin)
  • Mile 75: Woodfin Riverside Park (Town of Woodfin)
  • Mile 80.5: Ledges River Park (Buncombe County)
  • Mile 83.5: Alexander River Park (Buncombe County)
  • Mile 85.5: Walnut Island River Park (Buncombe County)


  • Mile 93: Blannahasset Island Park (Town of Marshall)
  • Mile 95: Redmon Dam River Access (Madison County)
  • Mile 100: Barnard Park (Madison County)
  • Mile 104.5: Stackhouse Boat Launch (Pisgah National Forest)
  • Mile 108.5: NOC Hot Springs River Access (Nantahala Outdoor Center)
  • Mile 113: Murray Branch Recreation Area (Pisgah National Forest)


  • Mile 115.5: Paint Rock (Cherokee National Forest)
  • Mile 117.5: Weaver Bend (Cherokee National Forest)
  • Mile 121.5: Wolf Creek Boat Lauch (Cherokee National Forest)
  • Mile 127: Del Rio River Access (Unknown)
  • Mile 127.5: The Sandbar (Cherokee National Forest)
  • Mile 134: Highway 25/70 Boat Ramp (Tennessee Department of Transportation)
  • Mile 146: Rankin Bridge Boat Launch (Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency)